【A New Feature Guide】Money Made Simple

By team gini on July 29, 2019

Get Your Money in Shape!

Here at gini, we always want to give our users the best experience possible. No ways to save? We have figured out a way to make saving simple. Proud to present – Simple Saving feature. Are you ready for this life-changing experience?

Spend on what matters. Save on what counts.

We truly understand time is money. Let’s look at how gini helps you to save money, save time, and become a future billionaire in a simple way.

Step by Step We Lead You to Success

Begin with the end and set a clear goal. 

  1. Enter ‘Set Your Saving Goal’ (or ‘Edit Saving Goal’)
  2. Slide to select your saving goal
    Set your goal to an achievable amount according to the changing percentage of your paycheck and the respective amount while you are sliding.
  3. Confirm by pressing ‘Set Goal’

Different lifestyle choices result in different saving goals. We have created 5 saving character as your role models. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in saving, we suggest achievable saving goals according to your needs. And eventually, everyone will be ready to become a future billionaire.

Day by Day We Budget for You 

After setting your goal, you are ready to go!

With our powerful AI, gini can detect your monthly income and recurring expenses. We also do the countdown for you. Not only do you how many days are left until payday, you also keep track of how much you can spend and give you a complete picture of your finances. 

Color to Color We Visualise Your Financial Status

Our colorful layout makes the analysis simple to understand.

Green = Well done. Your remaining OK To Spend is more than enough for the remaining days. Feel free to spend.

Orange = Watch out. If you still want to stick to your saving goal, your remaining OK To Spend may not be enough for the remaining days. In other words, you seem to be spending your money too fast! Mind the balance. 

Red = Warning. You are spending more than your income. Time to control your expenses.



Need more guidance? Go to gini’s YouTube Channel and watch our animation now. Or shoot us an email at hello@gini.co anytime!

What are you waiting for? Money made simple by downloading gini app now at Apple Store or Google Play now!

Smart. Simple. Secure. Stay on track with your effortless spending-tracker.
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